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The cacophony of the streets tell you infinite stories.
Feeling of a new, of the old and of all in-betweens.

We define our own oasis within these boroughs, these avenues, these streets.
We create our own paradise within.
Thus, we are entranced.

Vibrations are flowing through millions of footsteps every minute.
We thrive in this sensible chaos.

As the sun sets in the concrete jungle.
The juxtaposition of the bits of greens surrounded by the skyscrapers.

We’re flushed by the drastic seasons and its exquisite charms.
We look around and look up.
We feel the urban dream.

It’s the Empire State of mind that becomes the compass of the heart.
It stands tall and shines bright in the midnight blue within the starry sleepless nights.

The pavements are filled with silhouettes of her.
The woman who is unique, confident, vibrant, intense.

She is chromatic and she paints the city as she struts on the concrete.
She owns the city.
She is the city.

The city is our DNA.
And, the city is our formula.