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Rhi's Story

R₂R Cosmetics is inspired by my personal journey of finding beauty in people.  Beauty stems from our identities, a complex formula of culture, lifestyle, geography, origin, experience, people, environment, history and self awareness. I was born in Nepal, grew up in the suburbs of Maryland and am now chasing my dream in the heart of New York City.

Being exposed to various different cultures and arts through my personal experiences, immigrant upbringing, travels and dance explorations, I see intangible beauty in all aspects and perspectives – rich and diverse. I created R₂R to encapsulate the beauty and translate them into tools that would help narrate stories of the lifestyle we chose, and to understand our own formula of life through an artistic lens.

There are an infinite number of products in the market. Let us strip away from its materialistic value and refocus on the aesthetics and principles of individualism and identity. Allow one product that signifies your lifestyle to do the job of many, in order to minimize the excessive number of products in your bag.

I aim to take my consumers through my journey as I communicate, learn, explore and design with them to create meaningful products for our culturally attuned, socially aware, intellectually curious globetrotters of the new generations to come.

- Rhi